It has been written, discussed and taught that one of the keys to success is the ability to truly listen. When we think about listening, we traditionally think about it in the context of communicating with another person. And while there is obviously tremendous value associated with the ability and skill to listen effectively to those we are communicating with, there is just as much value in listening to the non-verbal communication we receive from the universe.

The universe is always communicating with us. It continually gives us signs and signals that if listened to could be invaluable in helping us navigate life. The key is to be aware that these signs exist and that there is meaning associated with them.

I was recently reminded just how powerful (and insightful) the universe can be. I had a very busy weekend filled with an abundance of errands, commitments, obligations etc.

While setting out to do more things than the weekend allowed time for, I became even more frustrated by what I perceived to be obstacles to me accomplishing what I set out to do.

  • While driving I hit every red light in town.
  • I got stuck in traffic waiting for a flock of geese to cross the road.
  • At the local grocery store, they must have been running a contest that I was unaware of which I assume the rules were you had to be over 85 years old to shop that day and extra points were given for taking as much time as possible to move about the aisles.
  • And then there was the Cub Scout troop who stopped me to see if I would contribute to their fund raiser.


It was only when I was told that I would have to wait an additional 7 minutes for my “fast food” because they didn’t have any french fries ready (which is another blog in itself) did I pause, breath and reflect about what was going on to realize that all of these events were the universes’ way of getting me to slow down. When I stopped resisting what I was experiencing and just went with the flow of the day is when things started to move faster and my uneasiness and anxiety subsided.

It wasn’t any one event that transpired that gave me that “a ha” moment but rather my openness to the non-verbal signs I was receiving that allowed me to alter my perception and approach the rest of the weekend from a more relaxed and enjoyable space.

I encourage you to be open to your surroundings and mindful of the signs and messages the universe is communicating. If we simply listen with the intent to understand the answers are usually there.