See what our clients — of various business sizes and sectors — have to say about how Soundboard has maximized their productivity and profitability.

“The Soundboard experience has been incredibly invaluable for me. As the owner of a company, the sole owner, I am often alone at the top. Soundboard has allowed me to be in a safe place with entrepreneurs where I can be myself, where I can be understood, where I can share ideas, learn and grow and it has had an incredible impact on my company. The way I lead my company, the way I interact with employees, the way I build my business, the way I see clients and interact with clients. They are really there to support me both as a business leader and in my personal life as well.”

Susan Karlin
Suka Design

“The thing is everyone, no matter what their business is, everyone’s got the same exact problems. So that’s the best part of it, is to realize that it doesn’t matter what type of business you are in, but as a business owner, you are all dealing with similar issues and to find that there are other people that understand and maybe have done things you didn’t think of doing and they can tell you what happened with how they approached it. That helps you to be able to be more confident in choosing the way to deal with an issue. Ever since we have been with Soundboard, we have achieved incredible growth in the company…almost 20% a year.”

Norma Menkin
Gainor Staffing

“Soundboard has provided me with a comfort of knowing that as I’m trying to grow my business, the things that I am going through are not uncommon. It provides that type of support system. I can liken it to let’s say maybe hiking, going through a long hike through the woods or being on the Appalachian Trail where its something that there is so much unknown in front of you. Going through that alone can sometimes be a scary situation…even just a confusing situation. To be on the trail with other people, it provides me with a greater sense of security to make some of the decisions that maybe by myself in a void, I might be unsure about. Whether its logistically smart or intelligent, it just helps me to sleep better at night knowing that there are people that I can turn to and bounce ideas off of, or fears or thoughts. To have those people around me, really available pretty much at any time of the day, to say ‘hey, this is what I’m feeling, do you think this is a good idea or a bad idea’, and it gives me peace of mind that I’m not going through this, blazing through this trail by myself.”

Peter Ladka

“It’s an invaluable relationship. What I find is that the membership and participation in Soundboard accelerates my ability to deal with clients and deliver real profitable results for them. It has helped me become more self-aware. By becoming more self-aware, it enables me to relate more closely with the events and lives of my clients. When I understand how my clients lives are being impacted by their businesses, I’m able to fulfill my mission, which is to help them grow real, durable wealth.”

Cal Calligaro
MacDuff Partners

“Working with Soundboard we have gained great insight, clarity and unbelievable support to appreciably improve our business.”

Scott Berger
Arista Air Conditioning

“Soundboard is truly the one place where I can reflect upon the state of affairs of my business, and have a real non-judgmental discussion of where my business is and where it is headed. They have continued to add value to my business year after year. My time spent with Soundboard truly allows me to get outside of my business and look at it with an objective eye. This has proven to be invaluable.”

Daniel P. Moynihan
Compensation Resources, Inc.

“Soundboard has been instrumental in helping our company become what it is today, and what it will be tomorrow. The direction, insight and guidance received are of incredible value.”

Mitch & Ellen Taube

“While I was initially skeptical of the coaching relationship, it has proven to be an effective and valuable process for me. With Richard’s help I have been able to embrace and grow my leadership and communication skills. Richard has helped our organization pinpoint areas where we can improve and has significantly contributed to our ability to now focus on the long term goals of the organization.”

Erin King
California Self Storage Association

“Richard Magid’s caring guidance and prolific coaching skills have provided me with an enormous amount of support and have helped me to further chart my own course going forward.”

Robert Scott
Main Street Wealth Management

“Soundboard is a dynamic organization (full of wonderful people I love and respect) and has become a great partner of Handi-Lift over the past ten years — supporting and challenging us as we pursue our dreams.”

Doug Boydston
Handi-Lift, Inc.

“As a small business owner, the insights and support that I have received through working with Soundboard over the years have had a significant positive impact on my business and also on me personally. I view the Soundboard team as both friends and trusted advisors and it is always nice to know that I can rely on their collective knowledge, passion, and skill in supporting my business to grow and in dealing with challenges and concerns that I face from time to time.”

Mark Twentyman
Kingsbridge Realty Advisors, LLC

We can help you work ON your business instead of just in your business. It’s easy to understand as a concept but hard to do, because you are dealing with day-to-day issues of running your business! A Soundboard coach will partner with you to help you answer these essential questions: Who are we as a company? What is our current reality? Where are we headed? What is our vision?