After successfully exiting two entrepreneurial ventures in vastly different fields, Soundboard’s Founder, Richard Magid, uncovered his true passion – working with business owners, managers and executives to help them define and achieve their goals. He founded Soundboard in 2000 and set the company’s roots in collaborative leadership learning groups and business coaching. Soundboard became a trusted ally for business leaders by creating safe environments for them to share, learn, grow and support one another. Over time, demand grew for Soundboard to bring that same positive and powerful support inside its clients’ companies through coaching, consulting, training and facilitation services.

Soundboard’s Team is currently made up of certified facilitators and executive coaches with more than 100 years of collective experience. We specialize in supporting small to mid-size companies (for profit and not-for-profit) that staff between 5 and 500 employees. Over the years, we have helped over 250 organizations make many small shifts in behavior that have produced big results in the areas of leadership, effective communication, employee engagement, retention, transition and succession.

Our Clients Span a Wide Range of Industries

While there are nuances and unique features in every industry, the fundamentals of effective leadership remain the same whether you are leading a team of professionals, managing an e-commerce, technology or distribution business or putting trucks out on the road in a service-related company.

Our Core Values

Core values show what is important to an organization — they serve as a guiding compass when critical decisions need to be made, as well as markers to define key points of success. At Soundboard we honor the following core values in all of our work.

  • Curiosity: We will always seek to understand the perspectives of others.
  • Impact: All of our work is designed to create positive change in our clients’ companies.
  • Growth: We remain open to learning every day and in every conversation.
  • Perseverance: To succeed we must never give up and will always learn from our failings.
  • Collaboration: We believe that freedom comes from embracing all perspectives.