Are you ready for a positive change? We can help you identify small shifts that will generate big results.
We work with CEO’s, managers, and entire companies to produce:

  • Clarity and direction
  • Motivated employees
  • Improved productivity
  • Increased profits
  • Effective leadership

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Richard Magid, President Soundboard Consulting

With more than 35,000 hours of coaching conversations, Soundboard has developed a proven approach that helps leaders improve performance, increase bottom-line profits, and translate their vision into tangible results. We regularly partner with business owners and executives from a wide range of organizations, including: manufacturing and technology companies, law, accounting and architectural firms, marketing agencies, entrepreneurial start-ups, and non-profit organizations (just to name a few).

If your once-thriving business is now faltering, your managers are not delegating or holding employees accountable, you are not able to manage your company’s growth effectively, or you just are so busy running your business or organization that you have no time to define a plan for the future – we can help.

Family-Owned Businesses

We are especially enthusiastic about working with family businesses. Over the last decade we have worked with dozens of family businesses to:

  • Create a shared vision among family members
  • Leverage individual strengths and define family member roles
  • Negotiate internal conflicts and rebuild trust among family members
  • Manage generational transitions