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A recognized expert in leadership coaching and development and author of Small Shifts Toward Collaborative Freedom, Richard founded SoundBoard Consulting Group in 2000 to support business leaders in building more productive and profitable companies through the ideals of collaborative leadership. With more than 20,000 hours of coaching experience, Richard is trained in Advanced Facilitation, Conflict Resolution and Executive Coaching. His strategic insights come from starting three companies and consulting over 250 businesses throughout the last 30 years. Richard earned a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and a Masters in International Finance from New York University.

In Richard’s words:
I always knew I had an ability to foster strong honest dialogue among people with diverse interests and experiences. When I founded SoundBoard in 2000 I knew I found my life’s calling. I have a strong passion to guide groups and help people gain clarity around important decisions. Combining extensive coaching and facilitation skills with a lifetime of business experience gives me a unique ability to support fellow business owners in their quest to build more profitable companies and more fully enjoy the bumpy ride to get there!

Over the last 33 years, my business ventures have spanned a wide range of industries. From building a wholesale/retail chocolate business in the mid 1980s to managing a commodities trading firm in the 1990s, I have always held the leadership position. My early international banking career and advanced business degrees bring a strong financial perspective to our clients. All of this experience, along with years of building my own businesses gives me the ability to empathize with the challenging journey faced by our clients.

It is my daily goal to learn something new. I am an aggressive listener and love to meet new people and hear their perspectives. Everyone has a story and something to teach us. As leaders we need to embrace the full potential of our people and not place limits on their success.

It has been exciting to build SoundBoard into a company that serves our client’s desire to become stronger, more “leadership-focused” companies. As President of SoundBoard, I am proud of our team and the passion that they have to serve our clients. They exemplify what we try to teach our clients: leverage strengths, foster learning, uncover and play to passions, be true to your values and listen to all perspectives.

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