Coaching is a powerful component of the Soundboard process. This confidential one-on-one forum allows leaders to speak freely and set goals or address issues that normally would be difficult to approach during the noise of the average day. Our clients can also engage Soundboard to provide support for themselves, team, or high potential through a customized coaching plan.

We believe that being more coach-like can improve every interaction. Coaching challenges an individual to think about existing situations in new ways, to make small shifts in behavior, and create more effective relationships. Through coaching, we help our clients move from a reactive mindset to a more goal-oriented and collaborative way of thinking.

Whether we are supporting an executive or business owner in their ability to make better decisions, elevating the skills of managers or fostering an individual shift from tactical to strategic, all of our coaching is customized to achieve the objectives of the individual and the situation being supported.

Executive CoachingAs a successful executive you must make critical decisions, engage in difficult conversations, embrace new opportunities and delegate responsibilities. Having a trusted Soundboard coach advising you can help you gain clarity of direction and ultimately make better decisions. FPO…Additional copy added by Page2 in order to determine specifications and other parameters regarding wrap around icon in orange circle above.

Our coaches assist executives in:

  • Defining criteria for succes
  • Clarifying Vision for the organization/business
  • Aligning practices and decisions with core values
  • Fostering self-awareness
  • Building trust with managers and employees
  • Managing triggers that sidetrack conversations
  • Transitioning through difficult circumstances

Management CoachingLeadership is in large part about eliciting commitment and coordinating actions. Superior leaders understand that it is their responsibility to create a healthy environment for their employees to succeed. We work with managers and executives to acquire clarity and confidence, build trust, and become stronger leaders. FPO…Additional copy added by Page2 in order to determine specifications and other parameters regarding wrap around icon in orange circle above.

Core competencies that we help our clients develop, include:

  • Communication & active listening
  • Delegation & feedback
  • Team development
  • Holding others accountable
  • Having the difficult conversations
  • The use of multiple leadership styles
  • Developing other leaders & succession planning
  • Fostering a learning environment

Strategic CoachingLook at your business from 30,000 feet — what is your vision for your business in the future? How will you get there?

Many clients come to Soundboard because they:

  • Feel frustrated around the growth of the business
  • Feel out of control because their business is growing fast
  • Do not have a current plan to operate against
  • Have trouble allocating resources
  • Struggle to define key performance indicators

We can help you work ON your business instead of just in your business. It’s easy to understand as a concept but hard to do, because you are dealing with day-to-day issues of running your business! A Soundboard coach will partner with you to help you answer these essential questions: Who are we as a company? What is our current reality? Where are we headed? What is our vision? How are we going to get there?