Over the past several months, many of our clients have been experiencing renewed growth and see greater market potential. At the same time they have been operating with smaller staffs and remain cautious about “adding too many bodies” to the mix. As a result, there is a need to:

  • Reaffirm & communicate company vision
  • Maximize human capacity & foster discretionary effort
  • Have missing & difficult conversations
  • Quickly identify & resolve breakdowns
  • Fine-tune & document critical workflows and processes
  • Research & invest in new technologies

Left to our own vices, we operate without a clear plan of attack. We react to the urgent, micromanage, and very often burn out. This is the time when we as coaches step in to ask the questions that create the clarity; help our clients step back and prioritize those actions that would make the most impact and execute on them. As I write this blog, I would like to recognize my coach, Marsha, for her guidance over the past many years; bringing clarity into all of our conversations!!

Do you have the clarity to leverage your opportunities?