Our Philosophy & Our Process

Our Philosophy

We believe in the power of incremental change. We have found that small shifts can make a big difference in a company – without causing instant backlash and resistance. It is easier for people to adapt to a series of small shifts than one huge change. Once the organization has integrated the first small shift, then the “new normal” can be assessed and the next steps can be determined. Ideally, the company or team becomes more flexible and open to change over time – making them more powerful and resilient.


Our Process

People often find that the challenges they face feel bigger than they really are — and are amazed at how quickly they can be remedied by making small shifts.

Whether we are working with an individual or multiple people in an organization, we always begin by assessing the current reality, defining key objectives, and creating an action plan.

I. The Assessment: We meet with the business owner/leaders, and a cross-section of staff, to assess the climate of their business: what is working and what isn’t working? This allows us to:

  • Determine how management is performing overall
  • Identify critical gaps and breakdowns in strategy, management and communication

II. The Plan: After making the assessment, we meet with management to discuss our findings and develop a customized plan — using some combination of coaching, training and facilitation– to address the critical gaps in management and communication.

III. Implementation: Working in close collaboration with executives, managers and teams, we help individuals within the organization make the small shifts that will immediately begin to address and correct gaps and breakdowns. We reinforce and monitor these shifts in behavior through ongoing coaching and collaborative team sessions.