Training Leaders and Managers

We believe that great leaders embrace lifelong learning. In support of that, we offer both custom in-house as well as “open” leadership development programs. All of our training programs are structured to provide safe and interactive learning environments that tap into the collective experience of the group. Our trainers use proven exercises to ground the learning and provide tools that are easy to bring back to the workplace and put into practice.

In-House Management Training
Whether you have new managers that are transitioning from an “employee mentality” to being a supervisor of others, or you have longtime managers with bad habits that are impeding productivity, Soundboard can custom design a management training program for your business. Our training can be delivered in the form of short workshops over an extended period of time or in a more intensive format over a few days. We customize our training for each client, based on an initial assessment of the environment, the current effectiveness/state of the management team, and specific work schedules — so that the new training, doesn’t interfere with completion of critical tasks. Customized sessions may cover some of the following topic areas:

  • The Impact of a Healthy Organizational Climate on Productivity
  • Building a Toolkit of Leadership Styles
  • Understanding What Motivates and Drives People Towards Goal Attainment
  • The Art of Active Listening
  • Using Conflict Productively
  • The Skills of Facilitating Collaborative Sessions
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Building a Promised-Based Culture
  • What it takes to be a Strategic Leader
  • The Role the Body Plays in Leadership
  • The Management-Leadership Divide
  • Aligning Values and Vision
  • ….and many more valuable topics

Our training sessions integrate workshop-style learning, collaborative discussions, role-playing, and small group breakouts in order to maximize participation, and lay essential ground work for the “small shifts” leaders will be making when they are back on the job.

To learn more about in-house training, contact
Richard Magid 973-334-6222 x102.

Leadership Edge: Open Workshop Series
Great leadership consistently challenges the status quo, seeks out alternative perspectives, and continues to collaborate with others who chase solutions to tough problems. Leading on the cutting edge requires a mindset of ingenuity and special attention to skill development.

If you feel as if you have lost your “edge” or want to experience transformative leadership learning, Soundboard’s creative, engaging, and highly effective Leadership Edge: Open Workshop Series will recharge and energize your leadership abilities as you continue to inspire your team members toward excellence.

Leadership Edge Chart


The Leadership Mindset: Monthly Learning Program
Even the most successful entrepreneurs do not necessarily embrace their role of leader easily. The leadership mindset needs to be fed and developed. Monthly group sessions — facilitated by Sounboard partners—cover a variety of topics and give group members the opportunity to leverage each other’s experiences. At the end of each session members make a commitment to action, based on that month’s learning. Sessions are scheduled on the second Friday of every month from 8 to 11am. Participants commit to attend at least 80% of the meetings during the year in order to support the trust necessary to deepen the learning.

Core components of the program include:

  • Interactive learning around critical leadership topics
  • Strategic conversations that foster a clearer vision of success
  • Collaboration supporting self-awareness, focus, and action
  • Role play around critical business issues
To learn more about these programs, contact Catharine Petroff  973-334-6222 x103.