Susan Karlin, Suka Design

Norma Menkin, Gainor Staffing

Peter Ladka, Parse3

Cal Calligaro, MacDuff Partners
“Working with Soundboard we have gained great insight, clarity and unbelievable support to appreciably improve our business.” Scott Berger, Arista Air Conditioning
“Soundboard is truly the one place where I can reflect upon the state of affairs of my business, and have a real non-judgmental discussion of where my business is and where it is headed. They have continued to add value to my business year after year. My time spent with Soundboard truly allows me to get outside of my business and look at it with an objective eye. This has proven to be invaluable.”

Daniel P. Moynihan, Compensation Resources, Inc.

“Soundboard has been instrumental in helping our company become what it is today, and what it will be tomorrow. The direction, insight and guidance received are of incredible value.” Mitch & Ellen Taube, Digiscribe
“While I was initially skeptical of the coaching relationship, it has proven to be an effective and valuable process for me. With Richard’s help I have been able to embrace and grow my leadership and communication skills. Richard has helped our organization pinpoint areas where we can improve and has significantly contributed to our ability to now focus on the long term goals of the organization. ”

Erin King, California Self Storage Association

“Richard Magid’s caring guidance and prolific coaching skills have provided me with an enormous amount of support and have helped me to further chart my own course going forward.”

Robert Scott, Main Street Wealth Management

“Soundboard is a dynamic organization (full of wonderful people I love and respect) and has become a great partner of Handi-Lift over the past ten years – supporting and challenging us as we pursue our dreams.”

Doug Boydston, Handi-Lift, Inc.

“As a small business owner, the insights and support that I have received through working with Soundboard over the years have had a significant positive impact on my business and also on me personally. I view the Soundboard team as both friends and trusted advisors and it is always nice to know that I can rely on their collective knowledge, passion, and skill in supporting my business to grow and in dealing with challenges and concerns that I face from time to time.”

Mark Twentyman, Kingsbridge Realty Advisors, LLC