Developing Teams
We know that healthy teams can achieve results far in excess of what the individuals could have achieved separately. We also know that a team can only be successful if deep levels of trust are established between team members. Soundboard can help you create a powerful environment of open communication and collaboration, in which team members:

  • Have the level of trust needed to feel safe to share
    their different perspectives
  • Better understand each other’s motivations, values and fears
  • Understand how conflict and heated debate can be productive
  • Commit to actions that resolve concerns, weaknesses and uncertainties as well as leverage those strengths that may exist

Our team development sessions include a combination of experiential learning, reflective exercises, role-playing, pre-session surveys and assessment tools and collaboration around issues relevant to your business.


What are you experiencing? Are members of your team:

  • Good listeners, or bad listeners, who talk too much?
  • Open to each other’s ideas, or stuck in their own perspectives?
  • Creative and innovative, or reliant on others?
  • Open and honest, or closed and resistant?
  • Supportive and respectful, or critical and abusive?
  • Decisive, or on the fence?
  • Committed to achieving goals, or inclined to blame others for breakdowns?

We work with clients and their team members to shift patterns and behaviors that are keeping the group as a whole from being fully engaged.

Assessment Tools

Soundboard administers a wide variety of business assessment resources and profiles that provide personalized analysis for individuals, workgroups, and teams.

We utilize:

  • Productivity Tools – that help you gain insight into your business by measuring productivity and efficiency
  • Corporate and Team Assessments – that help leaders get the most from every member of a team and effectively guide the way to the achievement of team goals
  • Behavioral and Personality Profiles – that provide a method to objectively establish if a candidate will fit within the culture of your organization
  • 360-Degree Feedback Instruments – that allow an individual employee to know how others see and experience him/her