I hear it all the time in my coaching sessions with clients. “There is so much to get done.” “It’s non-stop.” “I can’t let up!” “I need to stay on top of everything.”

When I hear this I like to ask these questions, What are you doing that is critical to the success of the business? What is the most important role that you play? How do you feel when you are in that role?

Typically, there is a visible rise in the energy level when the client is answering these questions. “I wish I had more time for those things!” “I would feel so much more productive!” “I will feel so much more satisfied!”

So, the question is how do we fill the gap between what you are “being forced” to do versus what you should and want to be doing. What is keeping you from delegating effectively? What is the potential contribution to the company’s profit if someone else did those tasks? What would doing more of your “important tasks” mean for the company’s overall value and your level of satisfaction?

Lots of questions to consider. Success without satisfaction should be unacceptable. So my final question, why do so many “successful” entrepreneurs feel unsatisfied?

Ok, one last question…”What are you doing that is unacceptable from the perspective of feeling satisfied?”