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Robin Adwar

Robin brings 15 years of corporate human resource experience and extensive facilitation skills to her work at SoundBoard. Her certifications include Human Resource Practices (NYU) and Essential Facilitation; she is also a graduate of the Coaches Training Institute. Robin joined SoundBoard in 2002 and works with clients to coach them to be stronger leaders, to create a healthier work environment and to increase success at all levels. This is accomplished through coaching, staff interviews and strategy sessions that lead to the creation and development of “human systems.”

In Robin’s words:
I have always found myself interested in the “human dynamic” and how words impact behaviors and environments create results. “All our work, our whole life is a matter of semantics, because words are the tools with which we work. Everything depends on our understanding of them.” It is my belief that semantics are the difference between the intent of a message and its impact. Therefore, to try to uncover and understand the values and priorities of a person as well as how they behave or interact with others is something I am fascinated about. This discovery is equally as interesting whether one-on-one or in collaborative environments.

For over 15 years in Corporate Human Resources, I held a myriad of different roles and responsibilities for the world’s leading financial services companies. During my career, I managed several unique staffs, implemented many global initiatives specific to competitive benefits and compensation and along with my colleague, was involved in the first “job-share” arrangement which successfully lasted over 5 years. As an HR Generalist, I worked with my clients (both domestic and international) to manage and grow their specific business units while at the same time balance revenues and other challenges. At SoundBoard, I have combined my knowledge of Human Resources with extensive facilitation and coaching skills. I work with our clients to improve organizational climates (environments) and increase successes at all levels through the creation of “human systems.” These human systems are in direct correlation to a healthy organizational climate.

I joined SoundBoard in 2002 and in May 2006 became a Partner. My role as confidant and trusted advisor to our business owner, and to other CEOs and leaders of both Corporate and small to mid-sized entrepreneurial organizations is quite significant to me. However, I am truly passionate around the work I do with Managers and high potential employees of our clients/partners.

My goal is to always find those untapped resources in any organization; to have leaders and employees see past the tasks that they do – especially the “misunderstood” young professionals and our future entrepreneurs – in order for them to reach their full potential and for the organization to gain greater profitability.

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