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Jon Brandt


Jon has built and successfully sold multiple companies. His latest success story was executing on his vision for improving the quality of patient care in the allied healthcare education sector. Jon turned that vision into a successful organization and the largest allied healthcare certification organization in the country, known as The National Healthcareer Association (NHA). Since joining SoundBoard he has met with and advised several start-ups on implementing strategies that will drive them to success.

In Jon’s words:
After having my own life-changing experiences from building companies from scratch and successfully exiting, it is important for me to pass that knowledge and experience on to startups who can change the lives of others with their visions, they just need some guidance.

I want to prevent companies from making the same mistakes I have made and steer them in the right direction that will lead them to have a profitable business.

I have great respect for Richard Magid and the entire SoundBoard team. They each bring something unique to the table and seeing the outcomes of businesses we have worked with is truly rewarding.

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