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Diane worked for 10 years in a relationship based sales position for a major consumer products manufacturer before joining SoundBoard in 2007. Diane provides the administrative backbone for SoundBoard and is well known for her skills in planning our events and coordinating client meetings. In her client relations role Diane ensures that each of our clients receives timely attention and successful delivery of service.

In Diane’s words:
Throughout our life we are called upon to participate in numerous roles; I believe, no matter how different these roles may be, one will draw upon their own strengths and core values to excel in a given area.

I spent 10 years in a “relationship” sales position for a major consumer products manufacturer where my achievements were directly correlated to the success of my clients. My greatest satisfaction came from a client reaching out to me to gain insight on the market and to work together to maximize his/her profits. More recently in my community, I have spent time working with local associations and clubs in various capacities. The work always includes being part of a team, and collaborating ideals and thoughts to achieve results.

The primary roles I hold at SoundBoard are Office Manager and Client Relations Administrator. Managing, supporting and collaborating are responsibilities I take very seriously and thoroughly enjoy.

Being part of the SoundBoard team has proven to be a most rewarding experience. Working with individuals who are passionate about what they do and helping them lead their companies to achieve personal, professional and financial growth is most satisfying. The SoundBoard environment is one of constant learning and development, for our team and our clients; it is a place where one’s opinion, thoughts and contributions are truly valued.

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