"Make Someone Else the Star"  Build Capacity and Protect Profit Margins by Delegating We get it - sometimes it is easier to do it yourself. You are saving time by not having to stop your day to explain and supervise a task. You know it will be done just the way you like it - you never have to ... More

Leading with Purpose

"To know what one ought to do is certainly the hardest thing in life. "Doing" is comparatively easy."                                                                                                                                                    - Maria Mitchell We all have entrance to the ... More

Catching Flies With Honey

  The old saying, “You’ll catch more flies with honey” still stands true today – if you are nice to someone and engage them, chances are you will benefit from it.  Now, in the world we live in today, it is nearly impossible to go 24 hours without talking to someone, whether it be a store ... More

The Birth of Creativity

When we think of creativity, most of our minds automatically assume images of great artists – the strange, neurotic, and bizarre men and women who have shaped and influenced many aspects of modern life as we know it.  From Van Gogh and Da Vinci to Hendrix and Clapton, the use and exploration of ... More

Leadership Mindset: Courage, Conflict, & COIN

Imagine the typical 9:00am status meeting. Some people are finishing up a bite to eat, others are running to print last minute copies – there is chatter about weekends and cumbersome upcoming projects as stragglers find their seats. The meeting starts at 9:15, there is some half-prepared ... More

Body Language: A Conscious Approach

In today’s technologically driven world, body language is more important than ever when facing one-on-one or group human interactions.  When communicating through emails, Facebook messages, and texts, the idea of leaving a lasting impression on those we speak to begins to fade into a notion of the ... More

Silos & the Human Collective: Be a Human Wikipedia

"Don't reinvent the wheel." The human information collective is vast and powerful. Access to centuries of technical innovation and social progress allows communities to build great cities, fight disease, and continue to improve the quality of life. Mankind's ability to record and share information ... More

The Story of Sisyphus: Trust and Feedback

The Internet is a tough thing for the average person to define. It's a hard concept for me to even start to wrap my head around -in simple words the internet is an information system that exists in this intangible world, serving as a repository for the world's collective knowledge and expertise. You ... More

Following the Baby’s Steps

Watching my niece, who's now 15 months old, learn about the world around her, I was surprised to see how we, as "adults," constrain the way she engages with her environment. We instill a sense of hesitation by setting perimeters around continued learning and development: “don’t do this, don’t go ... More

The Business of Helping Things “Flow”

My first three months as part of the Soundboard team have been a whirlwind of an introduction to the consulting field. I have been exposed to varying degrees of workplace success and the different types of business owners that create profitable enterprises. Like most people, I associate success with ... More