"Make Someone Else the Star"  Build Capacity and Protect Profit Margins by Delegating We get it - sometimes it is easier to do it yourself. You are saving time by not having to stop your day to explain and supervise a task. You know it will be done just the way you like it - you never have to ... More

The Hidden Costs of Excess Baggage

I am writing this blog in an appropriate setting on board a flight back to the East Coast.  As I am watching all my fellow passengers drag on their suitcases, stuff them in the overhead bins and then shove their remaining belongings  under the seat in front of them, I can not help but think about ... More

Feedback is a Cure

“Fix my people!”  I hear it all the time from business owners.  "They don’t meet their commitments.” “Do I have to keep telling them over and over again?”  It is much easier to look outside of yourself for the cause of the problem.  In addition, most managers haven’t been given the tools for the ... More

Leveraging Opportunity Through Clarity

Over the last 18 months, many of our clients have been experiencing renewed growth and see greater market potential.   At the same time they have been operating with smaller staffs and remain cautious about "adding too many bodies” to the mix.  As a result, there is a need to: Reaffirm & ... More

Breaking Barriers

Companies will always have their fair share of difficult, unwilling employees, but is it always the employee’s fault?  A person can be molded the way they are because of a bad experience at a previous job, from a lack of training or the typical feeling of being under appreciated. Recently I was ... More

Customer Service is a Two Way Street

I have been in a heightened state of awareness around the nuances of experiencing great customer service. The basics of a positive customer service experience are easy to list from the service provider's perspective. Show up with a positive attitude; smile. Act in a timely and responsive manner; ... More

Reducing the Burden: 10 tips on how to lighten the weight of the rock

It’s often the case that during an initial meeting with an entrepreneurial leader, he or she will proclaim, “I bear the entire burden of the business, the weight on my back is overwhelming!”  While employees walk into an organization with a different mindset than employers and high level managers, ... More

Thoughts Are Better “Well Done” Rather Than “Medium Rare”

There is typically little time between a thought and the action, between our challenges and our solutions.  We think and do; think and react.  We let urgency control our ability to take a moment to breathe and sit with the thought.  No longer are we letting thoughts simmer and take form, we are ... More

Go ahead and have that conversation…

In coaching session after coaching session, I listen to my clients limit their potential, see only a few alternatives (if any) and project their fears into future events. They "know" what is going to happen. They tell me, "You don't understand...he will never go for won't go well..." We ... More

Incredible success, all the experience in the world and still lacking in confidence, why?

Nothing splendid has ever been achieved except by those who dared believe that something inside of them was superior to circumstance. – Bruce Barton Every month I sit down and coach dozens of entrepreneurial leaders and it still amazes me how insecure we are as a group. We overcome daily ... More