Archives for November 2013

Breaking Barriers

Companies will always have their fair share of difficult, unwilling employees, but is it always the employee’s fault?  A person can be molded the way they are because of a bad experience at a previous job, from a lack of training or the typical feeling of being under appreciated. Recently I was ... More

Customer Service is a Two Way Street

I have been in a heightened state of awareness around the nuances of experiencing great customer service. The basics of a positive customer service experience are easy to list from the service provider's perspective. Show up with a positive attitude; smile. Act in a timely and responsive manner; ... More

The Importance of Role Clarity

Over the past few weeks the constant theme that arose in my coaching sessions is the need for role clarity.  Much of the conversation is about the fact that people don't feel as productive as they can and want to be.  When I meet with business owners and they share their frustration around how their ... More