Archives for May 2013

Success Without Satisfaction

I hear it all the time in my coaching sessions with clients. "There is so much to get done." "It's non-stop." "I can't let up!" "I need to stay on top of everything." When I hear this I like to ask these questions, What are you doing that is critical to the success of the business? What is the ... More

Monthly Leadership Topic: Revisiting Vision, Values and Results

Leadership is about taking the time to step back from business and reflect upon already set goals and objectives in order to make sure they still make sense. This also applies to the systems and processes that are created but for many reasons, may no longer be effective. Time is one of the greatest ... More

Family Business Transitions: The Current Generation’s Perspective

A couple of weeks ago I moderated a panel on the topic of Family Business Transitions. The audience were members of the California Self Storage Association. Like most industries, a large percentage of the member companies are family-owned businesses. In fact, there are over 24 million family-owned ... More